The new way to schema

As a digital marketer one of things I highly recommend for every website is to use microdata in order to better tell search engines exactly what is on the page.  You might have heard your favorite SEO friend refer to schema markup.  If not, the main goal here was to implement a type of markup to get the nice, eye catching, rich snippets in your sites google search results.

It’s sometimes very tough to do though!  In order to take advantage of schema you would have had to locate exactly what you wanted to markup in your source code and tweak it. That can be a tall order for the typical webmaster.

However, these days, json-ld is the talk of the town and the new way to do it.  With out getting overly technical.  Json-ld is a new markup approved by google.  Its main advantage is that in a snippet of inserted code, you can accomplish the same goal as you would with schema. While you would still have to edit your source code, you wouldn’t have to interfere with the other elements in the code to do it.

Here is what an example of json-ld would look like:

So if you ever wanted to implement rich snippets, I recommend taking advantage of Json-ld.  Here is a json-ld creator tool that has worked well for me.


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