Two Terrific Tools for Twitter

I recently made a new twitter handle as @nepasocialmedia.  I am by no means new to twitter, but I am new to focusing my twitter strategy on specifically driving web traffic (to this blog).  I wanted to share with you two free tools that have made my newest twitter strategy a breeze.

  • Tweepi
  • Follwerwonk

Why do I like Tweepi?

Tweepi is a twitter account management tool that can really help in cleaning up your followers.  The free version has several awesome features which you can see from my screen shot below.

Tweepi free user

The two tweepi features that I really like are flush and reciprocate.

Flush is great because you can easily unfollow anyone who is not following you back, and reciprocate makes it extremely easy to follow anyone who has already followed you.

SO why are these features even important to my strategy?   It is important because Twitter has an unspoken courtesy where you might be considered rude if you do not follow people back.  That being said, if you follow people there is a good chance they will check out your profile, click on your link, and follow you back.  I encourage you to use the free version of this tool to its fullest!


Why do I like Followerwonk?

Followerwonk is now owned by seomoz, but you can still use it for free.  It is filled with so much info that you could get lost in it.  I like their compare feature the most.  It’s a powerful tool that lets you type in three twitter handles and see how they overlap.

Here is how I like to use Followerwonk:

I want to follow people in my area, so I scouted for two twitter profiles that embody Northeast PA (you’ll want to pick two that are closely tied to your niche).  I then put my own twitter handle in too as the third entry.  My goal is to see who both of the accounts are following that I am not.  I then copy that list (in excel) and paste it into tweepi’s follow by copy and paste feature.  I encourage you to use the free version of this tool to its fullest too!


Here is a recent video seomoz created to describe just what followerwonk is capable of.

Which twitter tool do you find to be the most helpful?


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