Cracking the New Facebook Code Before It’s Out

Facebook Page Marketing Update August 2013

Facebook has an algorithm that decides which posts you should see in your newsfeed.  I’ll even rephrase that.   Let’s say we were connected on Facebook.   Even if you were sitting on facebook, patiently waiting for my posts, and I posted one at that exact second, there is a really good chance that you would never see my post.  I made this video to explain it a little more.

However, with a recent blog post from facebookforbusiness, it seems that it is all changing again. Don’t worry though, they give us some clues about what their new algorithm looks for.  Here is what they say:

Your Facebook Page strategy should stay the same. Continue striving to produce high quality content and optimize each post for engagement and reach.

They go on to give us this bulleted list for us to focus on:


Make your Facebook posts timely and relevant

To me this would mean that posts older than say 3 hours, are probably are dead (if no one is still engaging with them). So build your post calendar around when your audience is actually online.


Build credibility and trust with your audience

This one I am making more of an assumption with, but facebook really has no one way to know if we are trust worthy (a negative metric), short of people starting to unlike our page and hide our posts.  So these should be metrics that we continue to monitor.  From my experience, if you post too much, people tend to hide your posts.  If you posted something that a lot of people hid, make a mental note to not do a similar post again.


Ask yourself, “Would people share this with their friends or recommend it to others?”

This one tells me they are giving more weight to posts that are shared.  Shared posts will always reach the furthest because it gives your post the chance to get viral by seeing by friends of friends etc.  What actually goes viral on facebook? My take is this:  Facebook is really visual, so if you want something to go viral do it with a picture and a really short status update. 


Think about, “Would my audience want to see this in their News Feeds?”

This one just sounds like we shouldn’t post for the sake of posting.  Only send a post when you have a message that your audience would care to engage with.



I think this new-found knowledge will definitely give us an advantage to break through the noise of other pages competing for our audience’s attention.

If you ever have an idea for a post and aren’t sure if it will do well.  Email me, I’d be glad to give you my opinion.


  • Irene Monk-Walters

    Great informative video Steve!!! Thank you!

  • LeoSpittles

    what about facebook fanpages tabs!


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