2 Positive Things That Come From Negative Reviews

I think it’s always a great idea to set up a Google alert with your business name. A Google Alert will send you an email alert every time there is a new page that mentions whatever you set the alert for.


It’s inevitable, but not every one of those alerts is going to be someone speaking your praise. Occasionally you will come across a horrible review about your business. There really is no escaping it, but not everyone will be happy with your services.

You got some bad reviews

Here are two positive things that come from Bad Reviews.

1) New Keyword Ideas

In today’s day and age the way we word things is so very important. We are so good at marketing our own businesses that we got incredibly creative as a society with how we uniquely describe ourselves, our products, and our services. From a marketing stand point it’s a gift! I say that because we are being unique, remarkable etc. However, from a new media standpoint, it’s a curse because there are so many ways to say the same thing.
I’ll cut to the chase. No one knows which keywords you should focus on better than the person who needs to search them, YOUR CUSTOMER!

A great thing to do with a bad review is note which keywords the reviewer is using for your product or service. These are their words for your product or service, so make note of that.

2) A Chance to Improve

I am convinced that people do not write good reviews. What I really mean is that they will write a GREAT review if they’ve received great service, or a bad review for horrible service. They just won’t write you a “good” review.

To me, a good review would just mean that you conducted business to their expectation, and 99% of the time you’ll be able to deliver on that expectation. So what about those unsatisfied customers that feel the need to leave you a bad review? What positivity can come from them? Well, they just gave you honest feedback about doing business with you, so you have two choices: 1) Ignore it, or 2) listen and improve because of it. The 2nd option is the better long term strategy.

Remember that social media marketing is about your customer, so take time to listen and they’ll reward you for it.


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