3 Ideas to Make Your Linkedin Profile a Fun Place to Work

Lately, I’ve been using LinkedIn a lot. I’ve noticed something strange about how my 500+ contacts are using it though.  We treat LinkedIn like it’s a business casual network 90% of the time. We like it that way, and that is what LinkedIn is really meant for.  However, we keep our heads down while we walk through the halls of our newsfeeds. We don’t really say hello to our colleagues as we pass them by, and if this was a physical office environment, it wouldn’t really be a fun place to work.  It makes for a social network with the same feel…  What I mean by this is, we use LinkedIn to post out articles that are important in our own vertical – as if to say, “Yes I know this stuff”.  Now I am not discouraging anyone from doing that.  I think there’s immense value any time someone see’s our avatar in their newsfeed (to be top of mind). However, I think it’s important to bring the social element to that social network!

    1. Comment on someone else’s updates!  – Whenever you engage with someone else it helps their post stay alive, looks like you’re active, and you have the opportunity make someone else feel good.  We all want to feel good.  Remember people buy from people they know like and trust.
    2. Write a recommendation when you really feel someone deserves it.
    3. Send an endorsement or two without the expectation that someone will send one in return.  After you do, send a message to the person to strike up a conversation saying why you endorsed them.  A simple“You really are excellent at ____.  Keep it up.” works just fine, and it would definitely strike up a nice convo.

So basically let’s get social!




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