[Video] The Easiest tip on Linkedin for Business Marketing

LinkedIn gives its users free backlinks! Great, but what is a backlink?   Backlinks are hyperlinks from another part of the web that point to a particular Web page.  Backlinks are important for SEO reasons, because Google considers the quality, and the quantity, of backlinks when it ranks how search results will be displayed for someone that is searching for something relevant  (or close to being relevant) to the content on your website.

So how can I get those free backlinks from LinkedIn?

1)    Head over to www.linkedin.com 

2)    Click edit your profile

3)    Click “edit contact info”

4)    Click the pencil next to websites

5)    Select “other” – If you don’t it won’t let you write a title for your website which is what you’ll want to do because back links with keywords in their title, can help you in your quest for the perfect search relevance.

6)    Enter your web address in the url text box field

7)    Click Save

8)      Click Done Editing

Earlier in the week, I attended a LinkedIn training seminar with a few local business owners.  While I was there, I had the opportunity to share this tip with someone and he let me know that it was extremely useful.  I hope you will find this to be useful too.

So where else are you finding free backlinks?

Leave a comment to let me know.


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