The Most Helpful New Pinterest Feature That You Missed

Pinterest recently got a makeover and started to include some pretty neat new features.  One of which is the new Pinterest analytics for business pages that I blogged about a few days ago.  One feature I completely missed was actually on my Pinterest wish list:

The ability on Pinterest to see everyone who pins something!

In the previous version, you were only able to see a handful of repinners and the rest would just say “+10” (or however many the remainder was for your pin).   This is no longer the case though!

Now when you click into the repin details you will see everyone!

see everyone who repins your pin

This is how you see everyone who repins your pin on pinterest.

This is incredibly helpful for anyone trying to administer a contest on Pinterest.   In the new Pinterest version, if you make one of your Pinterest contest rules to actually repin a pin with your rules on it, you will be able to administer your contest much easier than you were previously able to.


a helpful new pinterest feature for contests

Here is a new pinterest feature you might have missed


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