An Easy Google Plus Marketing Strategy

I really think Facebook is losing its gusto and Google Plus is gaining ground in the world of social media.  That being said, I was an early Google Plus adopter, but I am really going to start using it more.  This blog is going to be about how I use my favorite G+ feature the “circles”.

What are Google Plus circles?


In Google Plus you add people to a circle.  It’s the place in your account where you collect connections. I think of it like a friend circle in real life.  You have groups of friends, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that a certain group of friends get along with another group of friends that you have.  That’s what is going on with this feature.  Google allows you make as many different circles as you would like to add your friends into.  You can add your friends into numerous circles too.  Basically circles are a way for you to categorize your friends.

Once you have a circle set up you can share content with that circle and no one else can see it (unless you make it public or share with multiple circles).

So how am I using the feature?

My fulltime gig is to be a social media rep for a school with many different program offerings.  So what I do is this: I ask the people adding us which program they are enrolled in or interested in the most. Once the person answers, I add them to the circle for that program.

Why is this strategy even worth the effort?

  1. I find out a little more about the people adding us and I get the conversation going. If they aren’t a customer yet I will ask if there is anything I can answer for them.
  2.  I start to build micro lists so that I can tailor my content to fit their interests.

I think sending more personalized content is going be huge as Facebook dies off.  We are all getting to the point where we are sick of seeing like this, comment that, share me etc type posts , so if Google Plus wins the social network war, I think there will be an expectation for page owners to know their followers a little bit better (and to hangout / video chat with them).

So here is my advice

Create a Google Plus account or page, begin using it, and as customers add you, start to put them in a micro circles.  Over time we will be thankful for the added effort. If you offer a large catalog of products, then put the person that added you in a circle for whichever products they’re interest in.  The opportunities for this feature are only limited by the amount of data you ask your new connection and what they tell you.  Good luck, I know you’ll find a nice use for it.



  • Praverb

    This is an excellent idea Steve. Google+ is really awesome, I have to add you to my circle right now. Thank you for valuable information.


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