How to get Facebook’s Graph Search Right Now

On Thursday, I was surprised to see I finally had Facebook’s Graph search enabled on my Facebook Account for work. I was interested to learn that it was not rolled out for everyone yet though.

Here is an easy way to get it now for yourself right now.

1) Use this url to do a graph search.
2) Click the Green button in the page that says “Try Graph Search”.

If all went well, you didn’t have to be added to the wait list, and you can now join in the fun too.

Graph  search is a new, very easy (freaky in fact), way to filter and find people on facebook.  Have you ever wondered “does facebook have a ton of data about us and what we like”? Well, the answer is not only yes, but now we can find each other based on this data.  Check out the new graph search tool:

how to use facebook Graphsearch

And please note that my picture is only part of it.

The social media marketing applications for this tool seem limitless…

Lifehacker recently posted a pretty fun blog with a ton of neat ways to use graph search.

Have fun with it!


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