Social Media Marketing for Financial Advisors

My step father is a Financial Advisor.  He wants to use social media for marketing, but due to his industry being heavily regulated, he doesn’t know where to begin. This blog will serve as a how to use social media for financial service businesses.  I hope it can be useful for other heavily regulated industries too.

How to Use Social Media in the Financial Industry


Use Social Media as Yourself

Regardless of regulation, you still can use social media to talk about your life in a non professional sense.  Post pictures of yourself with your family, on vacation, or doing fun things.  WHY? – Because you will wind up connecting with your clients (and friends) and it will portray you as a likable person.  Also, with every post you make your name could wind up on your clients newsfeeds.  This is a chance for you to remain in the forefront of your clients minds.

Use Social Media To Interact

The other side of the coin is that social media is meant to be social.  So in addition to posting about your life, interact with (engage with) your clients and friends posts too.  On facebook, click like or leave a comment. On twitter, offer up a retweet or send a reply. On Pinterest, repin or leave a comment on pin.  WHY? – Because your contacts are posting things that are floating out there in the ether.  Like everyone else, they check back to see who interacted with their post.  They want you to.  That’s why they put it out there in the first place.  If you take a few moments to interact with others, it says a lot about you.

Please remember that a social media strategy can be more than “how do I use this to advertise my business”.  In regulated industries, use social media to blanket the fact that you are a stand up guy or gal.

So how you leveraging social media?  Leave a comment below to let me know.


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