3 Ideas to Make Your Linkedin Profile a Fun Place to Work

Lately, I’ve been using LinkedIn a lot. I’ve noticed something strange about how my 500+ contacts are using it though.  We treat LinkedIn like it’s a business casual network 90% of the time. We like it that way, and that is what LinkedIn is really meant for.  However, we keep our heads down while we walk through the halls of our newsfeeds. We don’t really say hello to our colleagues as we pass...
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Social Media Marketing for Financial Advisors

My step father is a Financial Advisor.  He wants to use social media for marketing, but due to his industry being heavily regulated, he doesn’t know where to begin. This blog will serve as a how to use social media for financial service businesses.  I hope it can be useful for other heavily regulated industries too. How to Use Social Media in the Financial Industry   Use Social Media...
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[Video] The Easiest tip on Linkedin for Business Marketing

LinkedIn gives its users free backlinks! Great, but what is a backlink?   Backlinks are hyperlinks from another part of the web that point to a particular Web page.  Backlinks are important for SEO reasons, because Google considers the quality, and the quantity, of backlinks when it ranks how search results will be displayed for someone that is searching for something relevant  (or close to...
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