Cracking the New Facebook Code Before It’s Out

Facebook Page Marketing Update August 2013 Facebook has an algorithm that decides which posts you should see in your newsfeed.  I’ll even rephrase that.   Let’s say we were connected on Facebook.   Even if you were sitting on facebook, patiently waiting for my posts, and I posted one at that exact second, there is a really good chance that you would never see my post.  I made this video to...
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How to get Facebook’s Graph Search Right Now

On Thursday, I was surprised to see I finally had Facebook’s Graph search enabled on my Facebook Account for work. I was interested to learn that it was not rolled out for everyone yet though. Here is an easy way to get it now for yourself right now. 1) Use this url to do a graph search. 2) Click the Green button in the page that...
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Social Media Marketing for Financial Advisors

My step father is a Financial Advisor.  He wants to use social media for marketing, but due to his industry being heavily regulated, he doesn’t know where to begin. This blog will serve as a how to use social media for financial service businesses.  I hope it can be useful for other heavily regulated industries too. How to Use Social Media in the Financial Industry   Use Social Media...
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