3 Ideas to Make Your Linkedin Profile a Fun Place to Work

Lately, I’ve been using LinkedIn a lot. I’ve noticed something strange about how my 500+ contacts are using it though.  We treat LinkedIn like it’s a business casual network 90% of the time. We like it that way, and that is what LinkedIn is really meant for.  However, we keep our heads down while we walk through the halls of our newsfeeds. We don’t really say hello to our colleagues as we pass...
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Facebook Contests ARE NOW ALLOWED!

Huge News for Facebook Marketing Now it’s completely allowed to host a Facebook contest without the need for a third party app. So it’s OK to say “leave a comment on this picture and one lucky winner will get ________!” Previously this wasn’t allowed and you would have had to run your contest through a third party app. Here is their update about it. Facebook’s Official Update Now go...
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Cracking the New Facebook Code Before It’s Out

Facebook Page Marketing Update August 2013 Facebook has an algorithm that decides which posts you should see in your newsfeed.  I’ll even rephrase that.   Let’s say we were connected on Facebook.   Even if you were sitting on facebook, patiently waiting for my posts, and I posted one at that exact second, there is a really good chance that you would never see my post.  I made this video to...
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