5 Simple Ways To Write Better Tweets

Here are a few ideas to help you reach some more followers with your twitter marketing efforts.

A reply tweet vs. a mention tweet

Remember that by starting a tweet with @(and the person’s twitter handle) it’s actually a reply tweet.  Reply tweets will only be seen by the person you just wrote to, anyone who coincidentally follows both of you, and only the people who are lurking on your twitter timeline.  If you do want to mention someone in the beginning of your tweet, just start your tweet with “.@”.

Leave room for retweets

Leave some room for people to retweet.  A tweet can only be 140 characters long. A twitter username can be a maximum of 15 characters, and it takes another 3 characters to write “RT “  (and a space) before it.  So try to make your tweets no more than 122 characters.   That includes any links too.

Shorten all URLs

Shorten your links.  Urls take a ton of room so use bit.ly to shorten them.  Bit.ly will also let you know how many people clicked your link too.  It’s an easy stat to keep track of.

Clearly ask for what you want

Spell out the word “retweet” when you’re  asking your followers to RT you.  There was  a study done that shows if you spell the word retweet out, your tweets will be 23 times  more likely to be retweeted. 

Remember it’s a conversation

Try to engage your followers more.  With twitter being so noisy, it can be hard to remember that it’s a social network.  So for every tweet you send out, try to write or reply to someone else.  A timeline without any @ symbols can look extremely one sided.

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

    I love the last tip. The easy way to do this is ask questions and retweet the answers.

    • http://www.nepasocialmedia.com/ Steve Weber

      I love your idea too! Thank you so much for checking out the blog and leaving a nice comment.

      • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

        Thank you Steve. I will come back later and read the Google Plus Marketing Strategy post.


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